I worked for over 20 years with clients, agencies, and on evolving products. During that time, I obtained experience in working for service companies, automotive industries, finance, NGO's, and lifestyle products.

HTML5 is not a foreign word to me and a very welcome friend of mine.
I'm glad that CSS is a living standard and continuously evolving and turning the best out of itself. Responsive design, adaptive or fluid is robust a foundation in my projects. I take care of serving fast, scalable, and reliable products for customers.

I'm familiar with agile methods and like working with people. Creating effective teams, working solution oriented and delivering the most value to my clients are foundations of my daily work.

With having a solid design background, I give a lot of attention to typography, fluid & adaptive layouts, and A11y.

Particularly in the implementation of barrier-free websites, I was able to expand my knowledge over recent years steadily and ongoing fighting for bringing the most inclusive experience for all of the users of my products within all platforms (web, iOS, Android).

Currently, I am a team leader in software development at the eBay Classifieds Group in Berlin, working with an cross-functional team on a multi-tenant global product.